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Window Cleaning Software - George the Window Cleaner's Assistant

George the Window Cleanerís Assistant

George Version 3.71A7 (Release 9) is available NOW. If you already have George installed click HERE for your FREE upgrade.

George the Window Cleaner's Assistant makes it easy for you to
automate your Window Cleaning business. It provides you with up to date
Work Lists, Debt Lists, detailed earnings, takings and profitability information
and ensures no Job is ever overlooked and no Debt ever goes unrecorded

The system has been designed to be as easy to use as possible,
and has a number of features to reduce your effort to the minimum

George is available as a free download allowing you to evaluate it at your own pace
in your own business. If at any time you decide you don't want to continue
using George there is a Data Export function available to export your data
to a spreadsheet so you can still use the information you input

Donít just take our word for it - see how George can make life easier for  you
download our FREE evaluation system now!

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