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George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant

George Version 3.71A7 (Release 9) is available NOW. If you already have George installed click HERE for your FREE upgrade.


What would you do if your PC was lost, stolen or damaged?
Remember your data is valuable - your data IS your business.

GeorgeSystems now offers our registered users the option
to backup across the internet to one of our web servers.

This gives you complete peace of mind - if you lose your data for whatever reason,
install the latest George evaluation system and eMail us. We will send you your last
backup. Just run our Data Restore program and you’re up and running again in minutes.

Another unique benefit for the George user !!!

(This service is available to Registered Users only)

There is a small charge of £12 (20$) per year to cover our costs.
 This is equivalent to just 25p (40 cents) per week.

You will need your Internet Backup Serial Number
look on the “Internet” tab in System/Settings.

To extend your backup period by credit/debit card or PayPal
click HERE