Window Cleaning Software - George the Window Cleaner's Assistant

George the Window Cleanerís Assistant

George Version 3.71A7 (Release 9) is available NOW. If you already have George installed click HERE for your FREE upgrade.


Q: The dates look odd in George. I would expect 31st December 2002 to look like "12/31/2002" but George displays "31/12/2002" (or vice versa).

Go to System/Settings and click on the 'Misc' tab. Click the Date Format/Change button near the bottom of the screen and select the date layout that you want. Click 'Ok', close down George and then re-load it.

Q: When I register George, will I have to pay again when you bring out an update?

NO - We intend to keep all updates free to registered users.

Q: When I print a Worklist (or any other report) from George, it misses off the last couple of lines.

A: You are probably using US size paper. Go to System/Settings and click on the 'Printing' tab. Ensure the "US Paper Size" box is ticked.

Q: I tried to download the upgrade from the website but when I ran it I got "Error opening C:\GEORGE\GEO3.EXE".

You were probably running George when you tried to do the upgrade. You MUST close down George before you do it.

Q: If my system crashes and I lose everything how will I go about reinstalling George? If I download George again it will only be a demo version.

A: No - if you use our Internet Backup system or take regular backups to a removable disk you can just download the latest version of George and our Data Restore program and you're back in business.

Q: How do I delete a Job in George?

A: To "Delete" a job just select it from the Rounds grid, click on "Amend details for this Job", tick "This is a completed Job" and then press "Done". This will hide it from the Rounds screen , but if the client decides he needs you again you can just select the Job, tick "This is a live Job" and it's back on the Rounds screen - which saves you having to input all the details again.

Q: How do I set or change my password?

A: Go to System/Settings and click on the 'Misc' tab. Click on the "Change Password" button. If you already have a password you will have to enter it before you can enter a new one. PLEASE NOTE the Evaluation Version of George does not allow the setting of passwords.

Q: How do I transfer George to another PC?

You have a choice of 3 ways to transfer your data...

Load & Exit George - when it asks if you want to backup to another drive say  yes and backup to USB Flash drive.

OR - Email the  file BACKUP.GEO from the C:\George\Backup folder on the old PC and pick up  the eMail
on the new one.

OR - If you are a registered user - make sure you have the latest version of George on the old PC, do an internet backup and let us know when  you've done it. We can then eMail it to you for collection on the new PC.

Whichever way you choose to do it, install the latest George demo on the new PC together with our Data Restore program (when they are installed run each of them once and then close it to initialise the links in Windows).

Save the backup file somewhere convenient (DONT try to open it) and then drag it onto the Data Restore program icon.

Whichever way you do it, the Data Restore program will pop up and offer to restore your data - just click the Restore button.

Make sure George isnít running when you do it.