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George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant

George Version 3.71A7 (Release 9) is available NOW. If you already have George installed click HERE for your FREE upgrade.

George Version 3.71A7 (Release 7) (April 2017)

New Internet Backup location
Change date fields to pop-up calendars for easier use on tablets
New CSV option for Finance report
Add Customer Reference field to Job & finance records
New Notes field on finance record
Add more Job fields to CSV export
Add “Never invoice in advance” option to Invoice Address record
Various internal fixes & enhancements

George Version 3.71A6 (Release 2) (11th January 2015)

Fix I/O error

George Version 3.71A6 (Release 1) (7th January 2015)

Display Job details on Debts screen - like the main Jobs screen
Offer PDF output for some reports even if not using George’s eMail system
Fix Last Pay Method lookup error

George Version 3.71A5 (Release 2) (30th May 2014)

Payments listing now has option to select specific Round/Route
New Automated Payments listing
New Prepaid Jobs listing
Job selector now has Job Status selection
Various internal fixes & enhancements

George Version 3.71A5 (Release 1) (25th October 2013)

New option to change Invoice date before printing
Various internal mods & fixes

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 9) (16th September 2013)

More minor change to Invoice layout for window envelopes
Internal improvements to Direct Debit/Standing Order processing
Add tax rate to Invoices
Bulk job processing - add Invoice Reprint option
Earnings and Debts report - add eMail option
Various internal fixes & enhancements

PocketGeorge Version 1.72 (20th April 2013)

Add Job ID display to Debt screen

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 8) (16th April 2013)

Minor change to Invoice layout for window envelopes

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 6/7) (1st April 2013)

New option to suppress WorkList price printing for individual Jobs
New date range option for Finance Report
New option to select WorkList notes color
New tax recording on Expenses
New Automated Expense payments for Direct Debits/Standing Orders

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 5)

Development version - not released

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 4) (19th September 2012)

New option not to warn if payment is on a non working day

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 3) (10th September 2012)

Minor mods and bug fixes

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 2) (14th August 2012)

New A5 Statement of Account option
New Contact options - Call or Text
New Basic Job details maintenance screen

George Version 3.71A4 (Release 1) (11th August 2012)

Minor cosmetic mods & bug fixes
Display Job ID in Job List header & Freeform search
Bulk completions now handles prepayments properly
New option to add additional tasks when completing a Job

George Version 3.71A3 (Release 1) (7th May 2012)

Minor cosmetic mods & bug fixes
New option to apply passwords to various functions

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 9) (17th March 2012)

Record last price change date

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 8) (7th March 2012)

Minor internal mod

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 7) (6th March 2012)

Period Summary now called Period Report and has new option for reporting details

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 6) (3rd March 2012)

New custom Debt List print from Debts Bulk Update screen
Mods mods & cosmetics

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 5) (4th January 2012)

Mods to eMail system. Should now work with MS Outlook
Receipt printing direct from payment details form
Major internal mods

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 4) (8th November 2011)

Job List - new “Show prices” option
Correct recording of Job last Payment Method
Record last list order for Debts screen and Debt List
Various internal mods and bug fixes

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 3) (6th September 2011)

Bulk update list - allow removal of Jobs when in Round Order view
Debts page - add Statement Printing to right-click menu
Minor cosmetics & bug fixes

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 2) (16th August 2011)

Reinstate All Rounds button on Diary view

George Version 3.71A2 (Release 1) (13th August 2011)

Estimate print bug fix
New bulk Debt update options
More Tax rates
Show Job count and value on Bulk Update screen

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 11) (11th July 2011)

Invoice reprint bug fix
Mods to Compact WorkList layout
New multiple Round/Debt LIst selection on Debts screen
Remember last data export path
Fix Pay by Invoice Number bug

PocketGeorge Version 1.70 (9th July 2011)

Add Total Takings to Stats

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 10) (30th June 2011)

Advance Invoicing bug fix
New Compact WorkList option

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 9) (28th June 2011)

New Auto-Hide option for finance details
New multiple Round/Route selection on main Jobs page & Diary view
New option to show Job Priority on WorkList
New Invoice option to include next completion in all cases
New options to load/save Bulk Jobs List
New option to copy existing Job when creating new one
Display Skip Counter on Jobs main page
Various internal mods & fixes

PocketGeorge Version 1.69 (25th June 2011)

Add Job ID display

PocketGeorge Version 1.68 (22nd June 2011)

Minor internal modification

PocketGeorge Version 1.67 (13th May 2011)

List Debts in Round Order by default
Add new Debt Value order option
New Prepaid Job indicator “*”
Show Last/Next due dates on Job Details screen

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 8) (11th May 2011)

Bug fix to Statement of Account
New From/To option for Income Forecast

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 7) (22nd April 2011)

Various minor enhancements and internal bug fixes
Add Job History to Debts pop-up menu
Add Pay Invoice option to Jobs pop-up menu

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 6) (8th February 2011)

Print numbers on cash receipts
Allow debt value range in data merge/export
New global flag to stop all invoicing in advance
Statement of Account - new option to send to Invoice Address
Various minor tweaks and enhancements

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 5) (6th January 2011)

Bug fix to Statement of Account

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 4) (20th December 2010)

Minor intenal mods & bug fixes to Standing Order system
More info on WorkList

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 3) (1st December 2010)

New automatic Standing Order/Direct Debit handling
Improved printer print quality handling

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 2) (18th November 2010)

Internal mods only

George Version 3.71A1 (Release 1) (4th November 2010)

New option on Job record to exclude the Job from Bulk Invoicing
New option on Job record to exclude the next completion from Invoices
New option to invoice Job individually even if it shares an Invoice Address
New “Other Notes” field that isn’t printed on WorkList
New Blocked Date facility for holidays etc
New Job Source facility to evaluate success of marketing efforts
New searchable Job reference & customer reference fields
Extended Job postal and eMail addresses
Invoice Assistant now has Add and Remove All buttons
Diary view has new option to add multiple selected items to Bulk Update
Add password to Merge/Export option
Various minor tweaks and enhancements

George Version 3.69Z1 (Release 6) (14th August 2010)

Bulk update - don’t close after operation complete. You might
want to do something else with the selected Jobs
Vehicles now have a Pence Per Mile value
Mileage report now shows Pence Per Mile evaluation
Correct handling of cancelled invoice printing
Various internal mods & fixes

George Version 3.69Z1 (Release 5) (17th July 2010)

New exit confirmation
New Job Order list

George Version 3.69Z1 (Release 4) (25th June 2010)

Internal mods to fix Windows 7 date problems

George Version 3.69Z1 (Release 3) (21st May 2010)

Bulk update screen now prints a custom WorkList
Worklist average gap now optional
Attempt to hide the date/currency bugs in Windows 7
Various internal mods and bug fixes

George Version 3.69Z1 (Release 2) (20th March 2010)

Bulk update screen now prints Statements
Worklist can now be eMailed to your employees
Worklist now shows average gap between last 6 completions

George Version 3.69Z1 (6th March 2010)

Invoices can now be printed to PDF file or eMailed directly from George
Bulk update screen now prints invoices for Invoice Address Jobs
New eMail editor with Mail Merge style fields
Bulk update now has eMail option
Merge/Export now has eMail option
Popup menu on Jobs screens now have eMail option
Round Valuation & Income Forecast have option to exclude tax

George Version 3.69Y6 (25th January 2010)

Jobs pop up menu now has Add whole day to list
Bulk update screen now prints invoices
(Please note this doesn’t work for Invoice Address Jobs yet)
Main Menu screen now shows last year’s Year to Date value
Job details now shown in header of diary screen
New “Have receipt” indicator on Expenses input and report

George Version 3.69Y5 (7th December 2009)

View/Update Job Notes from Job selection, Diary and Debts screens
A5 Invoice printing

George Version 3.69Y4 (28th November 2009)

New Bulk Update option
Drag and Drop Jobs in Diary View with Multiple Select option
Allow Invoicing of Suspended/Completed Jobs
Add “All Rounds” option to main Jobs page

George Version 3.69Y3 (31st October 2009)

New option to skip Job based on Due Date or Today
New option to export Expenses
Show period averages on Income Forecast

George Version 3.69Y2 (27th October 2009)

New right click menu on Jobs screen and Diary View
New option to enter payments for Suspended Jobs
Period Summary - add option to print Rounds on separate pages
Various internal mods

George Version 3.69Y1 (26th September 2009)

New option to print logo on Invoice
Debts screen - display in Round order
New Notes indicator on Job selection screen
New option to amend Job Type & Expense type on History screens
New Merge/Export facility
Round/Route Order - new bookmarks & cut/paste options
Various minor mods and bug fixes

George Version 3.69X9 (22nd June 2009)

New option to pay by Invoice Number
Freeform search now also searches by Invoice Number
Debt page now has option to list by Round (or Route)
Internal mods to speed up printing in some cases
Diary page print now handles multiple pages
Earnings & Debts List now handles Tips Only selection correctly

George Version 3.69X8 (7th May 2009)

Additional information on Finance report
Print Phone Number on Debt List
Improved upgrade procedure

George Version 3.69X7 (4th February 2009)

Correct day name displayed when opening payments screen
Period Earnings summary - correct handling of Jobs which have changed Rounds in the period
Improved rebuild function for damaged data tables

George Version 3.69X6 (1st January 2009)

Amend Payment now has date up/down buttons
Finance Report now prints Expenses in alphabetical order
Various internal mods and bug fixes

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