Getting Started
Window Cleaning Software - George the Window Cleaner's Assistant

George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant

George Version 3.71A7 (Release 9) is available NOW. If you already have George installed click HERE for your FREE upgrade.

George comes ready to use but its worth spending a few minutes customizing it for your particular business needs

From the Main Menu click on System to access the System Menu

Click on Job Types and create work categories that best describe the types
of work that you do

Click on Round Descriptions and create the rounds that you use
If you only have 1 round you can skip this step.

Click on Debt Lists if you want to set up different Debt Lists for your Jobs.

Click on Settings to access the settings pages.

Click on the User tab and fill in your details. If you charge VAT or other tax on your sales, click on the VAT registered tick box. If you call tax something other than VAT, enter the description (‘Tax’ for instance). You can then click on the next tab to enter the names and percentage for each tax rate.

Click on the Days tab and mark the days of the week that you work.  George will not schedule Jobs for any days you dont normally work.

Click on the Defaults page.

When you set up a new Job, you only need to fill in the House Number or Name and the Street Name.  You can then press the Complete Address button to complete the address with the details you enter here in the Default Customer Address. Enter the Area and/or Town where you do most of your work - it will save you a lot of typing!

Use the Default Round selector to choose which Round you use most often. When you create a new Job, George automatically adds it to this Round (but you can choose another one if you want). This saves you having to select it every time you set up a new Job.

Similarly, choose a Debt List, Job Type  and Frequency - George will use them for new Jobs to save you time.

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