Using PocketGeorge
Window Cleaning Software - George the Window Cleaner's Assistant

George the Window Cleanerís Assistant

George Version 3.71A7 (Release 9) is available NOW. If you already have George installed click HERE for your FREE upgrade.

Using PocketGeorge

Step 1 - Turn on your Palm and select a Job or Debt  from the
list. Jobs are conveniently arranged by Route,
debts are listed by Debt List

Step 2 - Check itís the right Job, look at or change the WorkList
Notes, or mark it as Complete

Step 3 - If the Job is done, tick Done If itís Paid, tick Paid and click on
OK - change the Price and Done Date if you need to.
Tick New Job Price
if you want to change the price permanently

Thatís it !!! The next time you HotSync your Palm,
George automatically updates all your Round
and Finance records and loads the next dayís WorkList

You no longer need to print your WorkList or update your
completed Jobs and paid Debts at the end of the day.

Click HERE to download PocketGeorge NOW